Making the Best in Sports & Fitness Possible.

Esskay Plastics is passionate about making sports and fitness regimes more sustainable, accessible, and beneficial to all.

Known for their excellent quality in the workout industry, our ropes are a symbol for everything we stand for.

Our commitment to making a difference in the way sports & fitness ropes are made and delivered will change the game in the coming years. And we are excited about it. Aren’t you?

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Quality

All our ropes are produced under an expert team that ensures nothing goes out of the factory without a thorough inspection. This is the reason why our products work for years, never disappointing the ones they were made for in the first place.

Economically Viable

Not only are our ropes excellent in quality but they are also pocket-friendly. Now, that automatically makes us #1 choice of esteemed clientele around the country. Our 0% return rate proves that!

Exceptional Support

One of the best things that we offer on our products is a great support system. Be it more information, payment, return or just about anything you need to know about your order, our representative ensures you receive just what you asked for!