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Esskay Uttam YellowBattle Rope 1.5 inch/40 Feet

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Weight : 8.5 Kg

Length : 40 Feet

Diameter: 1.5inch

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Ideal battle rope for moderate intensity CrossFit exercise

Weighs 8.5 kg and 40 feet total length

20 feet on one side

Battle Ropes are manufactured from high strength 100 % virgin grade polymers.
Smooth wave formation is ideal for Jerk and Injury free Exercise
For effective full body workout in just 15 minutes.


Colour: Yellow
Weight: 8.5 KG
Length: 40 Feet
Diameter: 1.5inch
Country of Origin: India

Additional Information

Brand: Esskay Uttam Rope
Material of Rope: Virgin Grade Polypropylene
Manufacturer: Esskay Plastics


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